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About the TEDxYouth at my school

By: Ossian, Youth Press Team

TED started in 1984. TED is nonprofit devoted to spread ideas. For the second year MSC (our school) had experts and students on stage talking about being sustainable. It was cool because everyone knew what he or she was talking about. Also it was interesting.

I don’t remember seeing anyone in the Youth Press Team last year, but I really enjoyed being in it. I also think that the other kids in the Youth Press Team liked it too. The Youth Press Team participates a lot in the TEDx talks at MSC. The responsibilities  that we get in the Youth Press Team are: take pictures, and videotape the speakers. Also we get to interview the experts and maybe the student speakers too. And lastly we can write blogs.

The student speakers talk a lot about how we were sustainable in the buildings that we made in small groups in our classes in 6 grade, witch we wrote essays about.

I was looking forward to the event! I hope you had the chance to watch it live!



9:30 am to 12:30 pm



Viraj Puri

By: Sam and Jaden, Youth Press Team

4Viraj Puri is the co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens. Gotham Greens is the first and largest commercial scale and is also a greenhouse facility. His alma mater is Colgate University. He has done talks at Wagninagnen University, urban features 2030. He also spent three years working in a environmental engineering firm. He was featured several times in UN academic journal. Viraj is a LEED accredited professional in his field of work, which is sustainability. He also talked at Ecocities World Summit. These are only some of the many sustainable accomplishments and facts about Viraj Puri, and hopefully many more to come.


How is Manhattan School for Children sustainable?

By: Ethan and Tatyana, Youth Press Team

  1. Green house
  2. Aquaponics
  3. Rainwater catchment system
  4. NFT
  5. NFT nursey
  6. Vig
  7. Vine crops
  8. Solar panels
  9. Timers on our light
  10. Led lights
  11. Compost

The compost in the cafeteria  we use by throwing our food away in a bin.


What is TEDx?

By Kaily, Youth Press Team

3 TEDx (Technology Entertainment and Design) the “x” indicate that the conferences are “external” to the original TED conference system. TEDx is the broader set of independently organized conferences held at various institutions across the globe under the same TED vision. Every speaker is given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can. Past presenters included: Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Richard Dawkins, Bill Gates, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as many Nobel Prize winners.

Since June 2006, the conference’s talks (as well as several TEDx talks) have been offered for free viewing online on the organization’s website. As of July 2010, the 700 talks have been viewed a combined 290 million times and still attracting a growing global audience. TEDx shows various topics: some earth science, sustainability, etc… their slogan is “ideas worth spreading” for the fact that presenters share new ideas or ideas that are already out but not as popular as other topics.


My Experience As A TEDx Speaker

By: Isabel, Youth Press Team

I had many memorable experiences participating as a 6th grade speaker at the TEDx conference at The Manhattan School for Children last year. For one, I was very nervous when I had to audition in front of my class in the classroom, because I hadn’t had very much prior knowledge about public speaking. When I got up, however, I felt confident about the content I was presenting about, which helped me convey to my teachers, Nicole, Caroline, and Amy, my enthusiasm for the role. When I found out that I was moving on to round 2 (only about 10 or so speakers who presented in round 1 were picked) I was overjoyed and a little bit surprised, because I hadn’t realized that I had done that well.

However, round 2 (which was also the final round) was even more nerve-wracking, because I had to audition in front of a whole panel of people that I didn’t know at all, in the principal’s office. When the fateful time commenced, I remember waiting outside the office with a couple of my peers (and competitors), Elizabeth and Mila. We were all very nervous, and Elizabeth and I especially because we were in the same category (the five categories were Waste, which was mine, Materials, Energy, Water and Space). When it was time for one of us to go in, we wished each other luck. Standing in the front of the room with all eyes on me, I should havve felt scared, but surprisingly, I didn’t at all. I looked into the panels’ (which included Manuela, Sidsel, Mary Anne, and others) eyes, and I saw encouragement written all over their faces. Smiling, I felt at that moment like I could do anything. I felt infinite.

When I was told that I had gotten into TEDx, I was elated. I also learned that Mila and Elizabeth, the people that were waiting with me outside the principal’s office door, had gotten in too. Elizabeth was just assigned another category to work on. Besides them, my classmates Sophie, Calvin (who would introduce TEDx and speak about what we had been doing in the sixth grade), and Ned had gotten in as well. A few weeks later, we started practicing with each other and critiquing each other’s work. Manuela, Karin, and Indie helped us through the process as well. This made me feel like I was a part of one large community who would help me through this important event in my life. 


How New York City is not sustainable

By: Ella, Youth Press Member

New York CityNew York City is not sustainable because people throw trash on the floor. Some times people waste energy by charging their phone and not unplugging the charger. By that can waste energy because the energy is not used for anything. Another way of not being sustainable is not being a community. By doing that people aren’t aware that they are hurting the world. This can hurt animals, plants, and much more. As you can see in this picture there is a layout of garbage in the street. Not only does it fill up space but it also has a bad smell. Nobody likes garbage on the street or near them.



Also, it’s bad when you have a car and keep the runner going. You can damage your health. From what we do we create global warming and health issues. You can realize that you are creating the problems. You can damage people’s health, your health. Global warming also effects climate change. For example, lets say you are in the cold. Maybe the next thing you know you are in a tiny pool of water. You are making the decisions and you can do what’s right. It’s your chose.



As you can see in this picture that a polar bear is stranded on a sheet of ice and it might have been from global warming.


The Manhattan School for Children hosts Second TEDx Youth Conference on Sustainability Science

The TEDxYouth@MSC conference will create a platform for 5th to 8th grade students to share their scientific creativity while celebrating the Greenhouse Project, a NY Sun Works model.

On June 14th, 2013, youth from PS 333 and PS 208 will present their ideas on how they can use knowledge and technology to find long term solutions to environmental problems related to water, food, energy, health and waste.

The Greenhouse Project is a program of NY Sun Works and promotes urban sustainability through science education. The Greenhouse Project approaches Sustainability-Science by studying the interaction between humans, technology and the environment.

The event will be streaming-live 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

WATCH IT LIVE!  Spread the Word!

The link will be posted on this website the day of the event.


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